Benefits of Ecovolt Lithium Battery

SOC & Temperature Display

Rigid Architecture for Safety

Thermal Management

3 Year Warranty

Low Charge Alarm

High Temperature Alarm

Smart Battery with NB-IoT Device

Switch ON / OFF battery remotelys

Why do people choose it?

Why Lithium-Ion batteries?

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are inarguably the most popular type of rechargeable battery for consumer electronics. They can be used for a variety of products from mobile phones to cars, and their qualities are superior compared to other rechargeable batteries.

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5X Less Weight

Fast Charging

3X Extended Life Cycle

Environment Friendly

Lightweight and Compact

Low Maintenance

Highly Customizable

Cost effective

Do you have an old e2o?

Mahindra e2o Range Booster

You have an old Mahindra e2o which does not give a good km range per charge. Dont worry, the Ecovolt Range Booster product is here to help

  • Your e2o is working but the range is very low?
  • You want e2o with 120-200km range per charge?
  • You want the best economical option to boost the range?

Don't worry, the Ecovolt Range Booster product is here to help. Not only do you get an increase in KM range but you get accessories which help monitor Health of the battery packs. EcoVolt Smart Battery pack provides an economical option to upgrade your battery.

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What Do People Say About EcoVolt?

Budget friendly battery with high performance, range as claimed and temperature control. A great product. Thank you EcoVolt.

Aaba Kamthe


I chose EcoVolt because I want the best for my Mahindra e2O. Range of my car increased from around 140km to whopping 250kms.

Arati Yadav

IT Engineer

I got it for my electric scooter. They customised it exactly as per my needs and space in my scooter. Awesome customised service.

Rohit Mehta


Shifted from lead acid battery to Ecovolt's Li-ion battery. Have been using it for last 4 months. No issues at all. I get 150km range for my Okinawa scooter with good acceleration. And the best thing is that scooter is now much lighter and I can remove the battery and take it to my flat for charging.

Suraj Patil


Though a removable battery, the LED display that shows battery temperature, voltage, charge status, numbe rof charging cycles, etc. is of great use. Best in market.

Tony Manual

IT Engineer


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